Groundbreaking Mental Health Documentary Screening at Anthology Film Archive as Part of Global Release

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Groundbreaking Mental Health Documentary Screening at Anthology Film Archive as Part of Global Release


HEALING VOICES, a social action documentary by PJ Moynihan '02CC, about mental health, will be screening at Anthology Film Archive (32 2nd Avenue) starting at 3:30pm on Saturday, May 13.  The event is part of a global initiative entitled "Recovering Community" which includes nearly 100 screenings worldwide starting late April and continuing through late June, which mark the home video release of the controversial, award-winning film.  The screening in New York is sponsored locally by Columbia Alumni Association Arts Access, East Side Institute, ISPS, Hearing Voices NY, and #EmergingProud, and will be followed by a LiveStream panel Q&A including producers and subjects of the film, and members of the local mental health and peer support communities.

HEALING VOICES explores the experience commonly labeled as ‘psychosis’ through the stories of real-life individuals, and features interviews with notable international experts on the history of psychiatric treatment and the rise of the ‘medical model’ of mental healthcare.  The film originally premiered in April 2016 in over 130 communities via screenings produced by local groups and organizations in eight countries, which were followed by town hall style dialogues which asked the question:  What are we talking about when we talk about 'mental illness'? Since the release the film has continued to screen in communities around the world, engaging audiences to 'rethink madness' and change the conversation about mental health.

“We made this movie as a tool to bring an important dialogue to local and regional communities,” said Director/Producer PJ Moynihan. “These screenings are an opportunity to promote the message that people can and do recover from even the most severe mental health issues, and that is not the message they are getting from their doctors, or from society in general.”

HEALING VOICES was released on home video May 2nd and is available exclusively at  The screening at Anthology Film Archive is open to the public and ideal for individuals with lived experience in the mental health system, educators, peer advocates, researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, healthcare workers, first responders, family members, or anyone who has been touched by mental health issues in their life.  For more information or to RSVP please visit:

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